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About the Artist

Stephen Unger

I do not think of myself as a Landscape artist, but spending a large part of my life in the outdoors, most of the paintings I paint are Landscapes, en Plein Air. I have always been drawn to a number of subjects, people, places and events. How, with a bit of pigment, a brush stroke, and a line, one single moment of time and it’s emotion is captured. The subjects I choose are mostly of the West and Southwest as that is where I’m from and now reside. Still, there are many other places that I find intriguing around the world to paint, there is a painting just about any place you may be. Some of my favorite places, the Big Bend of Texas, the Mountains of the West, the Islands of the Bahamas, and the people you find in these places. To capture the power, the majesty and beauty of a evening rainstorm in a Western sky or over the sand dunes of the coast. All these elements and moments of time placed on a canvas so that the viewer can say, “Yes, I know that moment”.

Stephen Unger was born in West Texas and lived throughout the Southwest, he now lives and paints in the Four Corners area of New Mexico. He graduated from Odessa College, worked as a graphic and commercial artist and received a BFA in Studio from The University of Texas at Austin. He is a member of Plein Air Painters of New Mexico, Plein Air Painters of Colorado, Plein Air Painters of the Four Corners, and the San Juan College Fine Arts Committee. He has received awards in many regional and national competitions and his work has been featured in a number of publications. Stephen is represented by the Folger Gallery in Midland, Texas.


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